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The reason why so many kids aren’t vaccinated? It’s not always anti-vaxxers, some just don’t follow up
Orange County Register

The mother of an Orange County child who exposed 20 infants to measles last year never intended for her baby to go unvaccinated.

“That baby was not in a family that was against vaccinations. The mom … had four children, and was juggling so much, it had simply slipped her mind,” said Dr. Jan Johnson, a partner at Sea View Pediatrics, with offices in Laguna Niguel and Aliso Viejo.

In the past year, as a measles outbreak has stricken 141 people in 17 states and a whooping cough epidemic has killed two infants and sickened more than 10,000 people, public attention has focused on parents who refuse to immunize their children, often obtaining personal belief or religious waivers to permanently skirt vaccination laws.