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The Prosthetics Industry Gets A Human Touch
National Public Radio

“There’s been more advancement in the field of prosthetics since 1945 than there has been in the entire automobile industry,” says Mark Vukov, a clinical education manager at College Park Industries, a manufacturer of prosthetic feet.

“When I started prosthetic wooden legs were still made almost 60 percent of the time,” he says. “Back in the ’70s, holding on a prosthesis by the belt, around the waist was pretty common.”

Forty years later, prostheses are body-powered, bionic and look and feel like real human limbs. The technology is getting so advanced that researchers have discovered how to convey a sense of touch.

With so many options available — and assuming insurance will pay for it — patients are able to customize their prosthetic so that they can return to the lifestyle they had before, Vukov says.