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Playing Politics With the Legislative Process Has Human Consequences
Fox & Hounds

Anybody who reads Fox & Hounds regularly knows about the organization Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse.  Their focus is self-explanatory.  A similar organization should be created: Citizens Against Legislative Abuse.  The mission would be to identify and expose bills that have no real policy objective but are used as political vehicles by special interest groups.  These bills are unnecessary and oftentimes have real consequences.  For one thing, they distract lawmakers from focusing on the issues of greatest importance.  Moreover, if enacted, they hurt Californians.

The poster child for Citizens Against Legislative Abuse is Assembly Bill 975.  It is sponsored by the California Nurses Association. There is no real public policy objective behind AB 975.  It proposes a solution for which no problem exists.  The real goal is to attack nonprofit hospitals.  By doing so, they try to gain a competitive advantage to organize or bargain.