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Plan offers new hope for housing the homeless
The Los Angeles Times

One man was curled up at the entrance to a restaurant, asleep, passed out or dead. It wasn’t immediately clear.

Three other people — two men and a woman — were in just as sad a state near 3rd and Fairfax. One, named John, sat on the sidewalk and appeared to be pretty well tanked. The other guy, Michael, said he’d just been in the hospital for a head injury.

From what? I asked.

“A baseball bat,” Michael said. “And my liver is shot.”

His friend Ann was crying, tears streaking a raw, sun-beaten face. She dropped her pants as if ready to do her business in the planter box outside the restaurant, but her friend told her to hold it.

“I’m very sad,” she said. “I don’t need to go to the bathroom. I’m just depressed.”

Nearby, an elderly woman held a sign that said “Homeless Lives Matter.”