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People may be warming up to health reform — but not to ‘Obamacare’
Washington Post

A new study finds that although the public remains stubbornly split on the Affordable Care Act, a slight shift may be occurring beneath the surface — with a growing minority of people coming around to the opinion that the law is having a real impact on access to health care.

To be clear, the analysis is based on two-year-old data, and it shows more people are opposed to the law (45.6 percent) than in favor of it (36.2 percent). It also shows that most Americans — albeit a shrinking majority — still think the law has had “no/little impact” on any of the following:  increased access to health care, insurance coverage for young adults, assistance for drugs to seniors or insurance subsidies. What the study published Wednesday in Health Affairs did find is a suggestion of a possible emerging contradiction in public opinion: a growing appreciation of the law’s effects, even as the overall approval of the law itself remains stubbornly divided.