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Parents Go to Battle With Blue Shield Over Daughter’s Anorexia Treatment
Yahoo! News

A Twitter campaign that’s been targeting Blue Shield of California on behalf of a teenager who has had her anorexia treatment denied is serving to highlight a common problem faced by eating-disorder sufferers: Their insurance carriers often do not want to pay the medical bills.

#ApproveSudol is a campaign that’s been ongoing since April 3 — three months after Renee and Tom Sudol received word from Blue Shield, the new insurance company of Tom’s employer, that the $1,000-a-day residential care for their severely anorexic 15-year-old daughter had been denied in favor of a partial-hospitalization plan.  They had reportedly been down this road before — with their previous insurer, Aetna, which they had successfully fought through a massive Twitter protest over the same treatment, an approach aimed at a sustained, long-term recovery that was recommended by the girl’s doctor and therapist. And now they’ve been forced put the same public pressure on Blue Shield.