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Paper urges standardized system of conflict reporting
Modern Healthcare

The nation is moving toward a healthcare system in which research is integrated with patient care, according to a new discussion paper on healthcare conflict-of-interest reporting released by the Institute of Medicine, and this makes the need for harmonizing the industry’s current “fragmented and burdensome” reporting requirements both “urgent and compelling.”

“Harmonizing Reporting on Potential Conflicts of Interest: A Common Disclosure Process for Health Care and Life Sciences” follows up on the 2009 IOM report, “Conflict of Interest in Medical Research, Education and Practice,” which defined conflict of interest as: “circumstances that create a risk that professional judgments or actions regarding a primary interest will be unduly influenced by a secondary interest.” Primary interests are described as being related to research, patient care and medical education, and secondary interests are defined as relating to an individual’s financial, professional, political or interpersonal gain.