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Obama Links Health Care Reform To Economic Agenda
The Huffington Post

President Barack Obama sought during his State of the Union address Tuesday night to link his 4-year-old health care reform law to his broader agenda to address widening income inequality and promote financial security.

The speech comes nearly four months into the rollout of the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges, whose botched start bruised both the president and his namesake reforms. The technological failings of, the federal portal to insurance in 36 states, and of several state-run marketplaces combined with a firestorm over millions of Americans’ insurance policies being canceled because they didn’t meet the law’s new standards forced Obama to apologize to the American people on more than one occasion and harmed the law’s already poor public perception. Although the federal website is much improved and more than 3 million people already have signed up for private health insurance through the marketplaces, Obamacare remains on unsteady ground in the near term.