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Next goals for health care reform: Controlling costs, assuring quality
Sacramento Bee

Five years after President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, chalk up a Mission Accomplished for one of the legislation’s three primary goals, access to insurance coverage.

Driven by health insurance exchanges, hefty federal subsidies and expanded coverage for the poor under Medicaid, the uninsured rate of U.S. adults is now 12.9 percent compared to 17.1 percent a year ago, according to the Gallup Poll.

Assuming all that is not undone by a Supreme Court decision this June on the legality of subsidies in federally run exchanges, and assuming for now that “coverage” truly means access to care, public attention may start to focus on progress for the other two goals of health care reform – controlling costs and assuring quality. And none too soon. Those provisions need popular understanding and support to withstand continued calls for repeal of the ACA.