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New legislation seeks Medi-Cal rate hike to Medicare levels
Sacramento Business Journal

Medi-Cal paid $12 for a basic primary-care visit by an established patient in 2014. Medicare paid $21.20 for the same thing.

The difference is bigger for new patients. Medi-Cal paid $22.90 for a basic primary-care appointment for a new patient in 2014, but Medicare paid $45.30. Medi-Cal is the state’s version of the government health-care program for the poor. Medicare is the government heath-care program for seniors.

With one in three Californians now covered by Medi-Cal, payment reform was touted at a Capitol rally Wednesday as the most important health-care issue facing California in 2015. A coalition of health plans, providers, trade groups and unions participated in the event to herald new legislation that seeks to roll back Medi-Cal provider cuts — and, ultimately, increase rates to the same level as Medicare.