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Medi-Cal set to expand coverage to undocumented children
Sacramento Bee

Felix Gonzalez was pulling a typical 13-year-old stunt earlier this month when he piled a friend from his Woodland neighborhood onto the back of his bicycle. The boys were gaining speed until their bike tipped over, sending them into a violent skid that sheared the skin from Felix’s right elbow.

What might have been a quick doctor’s visit for other parents turned into a strained discussion for the Gonzalez family. Was the elbow bleeding enough to require stitches? Would it get infected without medical attention? Felix, an undocumented teen, doesn’t have insurance that covers visits to the local emergency room. Parents Gabriela and Victor Gonzalez, Mexican immigrants accustomed to raising four boys on a tight budget, made a run to Walmart for bandages and ointment and hoped the gash would heal on its own.