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Last Chance for Meaningful Use
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I mean: Last chance for patients as first-class citizens in Meaningful Use. The ghetto is abuzz.

As I write this #nomuwithoutme is just hitting Twitter. The reason the natives are restless in the patient ghetto is a recent proposal by our Federal regulators to downgrade a Meaningful Use (MU) requirement for Stage 3, in the final stage of a $30B + initiative to advance interoperable digital health records. The focus is on something called View / Download / Transmit (V/D/T) but the real issue and the Last Chance is broader and more important. The bad news is that MU may leave patients as beggars for own data. The good news is that the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC)  and Congress are paying attention and patients still have a chance to shift the terms of the debate to what HIPAA calls “the patient’s right of access” and demand that it apply strictly to MU Stage 3 Appication Programming Interfaces (API).