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I’ll (Gag) Drink To That: Oral Rehydration Key For Ebola Patients
National Public Radio

Have you ever swallowed unflavored rehydration solution, or ORS? That’s what they call the mixture of salt, sugar and water given to Ebola patients.

I’ve taken more than a mouthful, and urgh! It tastes dreadful.

But doctors who were among Nigeria’s Ebola survivors all agree that they may not have recovered from the virus without having forced down the foul-tasting, but apparently life-saving fluid.

Gallons of it.

The solution often comes in packages as powder made of salt and sugar along with unsavory ingredients like potassium chloride and citrate. A dose of powder is dissolved in roughly a quart of water. Every day after they began feeling unwell, the doctors would drink the ghastly mixture.