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Hospital: ‘Poor decisions’ by staff giving outsize pain meds
Modern Healthcare

An Ohio doctor’s orders for potentially fatal doses of pain medicine given to at least 27 hospital patients were carried out by employees who “made poor decisions” and ignored existing safeguards, a top administrator told staff in an internal video.

The Columbus-area Mount Carmel Health System said it fired the intensive-care doctor, reported its findings to authorities and has put six pharmacists and 14 nurses on paid leave pending further review.

“Sadly, our investigation revealed some of our colleagues did not meet our standard of care,” President and CEO Ed Lamb said in an internal video message last week to employees that was obtained by WBNS-TV.  ”The actions that created this tragedy were instigated by this physician and carried out by a small number of good people who made poor decisions. They ignored the safeguards we have in place.”