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Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital’s Award-Winning Emergency Program To Be Offered Countywide

“15 til 50” is a mass casualty incident exercise that gauges a hospital’s readiness in the case of a disaster, and is designed to result in a response time of being able to receive 50 or more patients in under 15 minutes. “It’s never been done before,” said Terry Stone, emergency preparedness manager at Henry Mayo and co-creator of the project. “A hospital usually waits until they start receiving patients; well this program kind of flips that around so that immediately, as soon as you become aware of an incident in your community, you set up for 50 patients in 15 minutes.” Multiple first-responder agencies like fire and law enforcement, as well as numerous hospital staff members from a variety of departments play a role in mass casualty incidents, which are usually handled based on what’s called a triage system to quickly sort patients according to the degree of their injuries.