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Health Care Reform Is Saving Lives
The Huffington Post

Of all the lies being told by candidates during this presidential campaign season, some of the greatest are about the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Donald Trump, for example, regularly refers to it as “a disaster.”

Perhaps we just have different ideas of what constitutes a disaster. Public health data are beginning to show that the ACA and related federal policy developments led by President Obama are saving thousands of lives, as well as money.

The ACA’s full coverage of preventive care without copays — which includes things like cancer screenings, vaccinations, and smoking cessation interventions — is undoubtedly saving lives. The National Commission on Prevention Priorities estimates that approximately 100,000 lives could be saved each year in the U.S. if just five preventive services (daily aspirin use, smoking cessation, colorectal cancer screening, flu immunization, and mammograms) were scaled up.