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The Health 202: Obamacare remains unaffordable for some. But Congress doesn’t plan on fixing it.
The Washington Post

Obamacare plans remain too expensive for some Americans — particularly those who are older and earn moderate income. But don’t expect Congress to do much about it.

For all the lip service lawmakers still pay to improving the Affordable Care Act, there’s little path forward this year for any bipartisan legislation to improve the affordability of plans offered through a law that remains sharply divisive nearly a decade after Congress passed it.

Moderate House Democrats trying to counter the Medicare-for-all push from liberals say they’re focusing on ACA fixes as a pragmatic, bipartisan way forward. But so far they’ve not advanced any such measures that have GOP buy-in, even as they prepare for another ACA-themed hearing tomorrow morning in the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Health subcommittee.