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Google aims to stop terrifying you with its responses when you search medical symptoms
Washington Post

Even if you’re not a hypochondriac by nature, jumping on Google to do some research when you have a mysterious headache or cough has been enough to make you one. For years both patients and doctors have complained about how hard it is to distinguish between real advice and the random ramblings of a complete quack.

Google has finally come up with a solution. On Monday, the company unveiled symptom search, a new feature that offers you legitimate information curated by Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic experts. This includes basic information about common health problems related to your symptoms and whether you can treat the issue at home by yourself or you should be calling for help. It works only in English right now and through the Google search app on iPhone and Android.

Take a look at the (very mundane) common causes listed by symptom search vs. some of the (pretty terrifying) responses you get by typing in how you’re feeling the old-fashioned way, directly into the Google search box: