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FDA Cracks Down On Fake Ebola Cures Sold Online
National Public Radio

Snake venom, vitamin C, Nano Silver and herbs have all been pitched online as a treatment or cure for Ebola. None has the backing of the FDA.

“Unfortunately during public health threats such as Ebola, fraudulent products that claim to prevent, treat, cure disease often appear on the market almost overnight,” says Gary Coody, the FDA’s national health fraud coordinator. In particular, the FDA wants consumers to beware Ebola “cures” peddled online.

The problem isn’t just that such products are worthless. “Consumers who are misled by false claims may delay seeking the medical care they need, such as proper diagnosis and supportive care,” Coody says. Or they may have a false sense that the product will protect them from the virus.

The FDA has sent warning letters to three companies it says are making fraudulent claims about Ebola cures. The letters threaten property seizure and even criminal prosecution if the firms don’t respond appropriately.