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The Extreme Future of Medicine: From Prevention to Longevity
The Huffington Post

Recently I was in NY City giving a presentation at the Tribeca Film Festival’s Hatchery Innovation Day sponsored by Bloomberg Charities. The Innovation Day was a summit of leading innovators on virtual reality, AI, coding futures and of course the future of medicine.

Richard Branson the founder of Virgin was featured for a film about his passion for ballooning and his zest for meeting life’s challenges. It was quite the day and a tribute to NY. It was an honor to be invited and share my visions for the future of medicine and tech innovation.

As I do many keynote presentations around the world, I try to make each one a special event and I customize each talk to bring a fresh understanding of the topic to the audience. It is my personal way of engaging, enlightening and empowering my audiences.

This presentation was on the future of medicine.