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Differences Between NFPs and For-Profits are Marginal
HealthLeaders Media

For-profit and nonprofit hospitals are fundamentally similar organizations with subtly different cultural approaches to managing the economics  of healthcare.
 All acute care hospitals serve patients, employ physicians and nurses as their primary personnel, and operate in the same regulatory framework for delivery of clinical services.

For-profit hospitals add a unique element to the mix: generating a return for investors. This additional ingredient gives the organizational culture at for-profits a subtly different flavor than the one at their nonprofit counterparts, says Yvette Doran, FACMPE, chief operating officer at Saint Thomas Medical Partners in Nashville, which is affiliated with Ascension Health, a nonprofit based in St. Louis that owns 131 hospitals in 24 states and the District of Columbia.

“When I think of the differences, culture is at the top of my list. While quality care is a priority for both, the culture at for-profits is business-driven. The culture at nonprofits is service-driven,” she says.