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Cost savings, disruption threat pushing more providers into home dialysis
Modern Healthcare

In an era when just about every medical treatment that can be done at home is moving in that direction, only about 12% of patients receiving kidney dialysis do so at home, despite it being cheaper and research showing it’s just as safe.

There are a host of reasons why. Most people cite physicians’ lack of training on home dialysis and their resulting reluctance to suggest it. Sometimes patients themselves are too sick or overwhelmed to take on that task.

But experts in the field say there’s another major factor at play: money. More than 80% of the nearly 6,500 dialysis facilities nationally are owned by two for-profit companies, DaVita and Fresenius Medical Care.  Providers aim to see a return on the money spent building and staffing those dialysis clinics, which some say means keeping patients in those dialysis chairs.