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CMS levies fewer fines on Medicare Advantage plans
Modern Healthcare

Five Medicare Advantage insurers were hit with fines based on 2018 audits—the lowest number of fines imposed by the CMS in four years.

In total, the agency fined the five plans $204,900 for violating Medicare Part C and Part D requirements, it said Thursday. The CMS audited 39 insurers.

The fines levied for 2018 audits pale in comparison to those imposed in prior years. In 2018, the CMS fined 18 insurers roughly $2.5 million resulting from audits the previous year. Before that, 2016 audits resulted in $6.9 million in so-called civil monetary penalties, and 2015 audits led to $8.4 million in fines. An insurer can receive a penalty for delaying or denying access to covered prescription drugs or services, leading beneficiaries to incur unnecessary out-of-pocket costs.