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In chilling accounts, Paris doctors tell of war-like effort to save hundreds of wounded after attacks
The Washington Post

The scene at Lariboisière Hospital in Paris was one of eerie order as patients began pouring in after terrorists attacked the city in a series of brutal coordinated attacks on Nov. 13.

Doctors and nurses at makeshift triage centers in mobile medical units as well as inside the main building directed patients to the right teams. Six different surgery teams were operating simultaneously: two for abdominal injuries, two for orthopedic injuries, one for ear, nose and throat, and the last for neurosurgery. At the same time medical personnel were working to repair the victims’ bodies, psychiatrists were trying to help them through the mental anguish of what they had just gone through.

The 29 patients sent to this hospital had all been shot, and doctors noticed that they were young. All, but one, were younger than 40. Some had bullet injuries in their arms and extensive bone loss. Two victims who had been shot in the legs had to be treated with plates. Many had nerve damage and were likely to face reconstructive surgery. The surgeons operated continuously on Friday and all day Saturday.