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Can Home Health Visits Help Keep People Out Of The ER?
National Public Radio

Telemedicine isn’t just for rural areas without a lot of doctors anymore.

In the last few years, urban areas all over the country have been exploring how they can connect to patients virtually to improve access to primary care and keep people from calling 911 for non-urgent problems.

In Washington D.C., Mary’s Center, a community health center, is piloting a program to provide primary care virtually to Medicaid patients who can’t make it in to any of their clinics. Sometimes there are mobility or childcare issues, some people may not be able to get time off of work. Others simply don’t want to go.

Dennis Lebron Dolman was in the latter group. He went to a health screening fair over the summer, where Mary’s Center medical assistant Grace Kelly took his blood pressure. It was dangerously high: 180 over 100 — stroke-level high. He had no idea it was that bad.