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California Paramedics Are Now Providing Preventive Health Care
Huffington Post

Once you’ve sat down with your doctor, discussed your ailments and received medical care, you’re out the door  — usually with little interaction until your next visit. But what if your exchange didn’t end there?

Paramedics in 12 communities in California are expanding their job descriptions under a pilot program aimed at better allocating emergency health care resources. The program, which began earlier this year, provides 30 days of follow-up care for anyone who has been discharged from participating hospitals. The hope is that these house calls can provide a safety net for individuals with chronic illness who use emergency services as primary care, while also easing the pressure on packed ERs. Thus far, paramedics in Alameda County, one of the test locations, have seen promising results.

Paramedic Mike DeWindt told HuffPost Live’s Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani that the program’s emphasis on preventative care is especially valuable.