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Average Age Of First-Time Moms Keeps Climbing In The U.S.
National Public Radio

Many moms in the U.S. are waiting longer than ever to have their first child.

Fifteen years ago, the mean age of a woman when she first gave birth was 24.9 years old. In 2014, that age had risen to 26.3.

“It doesn’t sound like a big change,” says T.J. Mathews, a demographer at the National Center for Health Statistics and an author of the report published online Thursday. But, he says, the small shift underscores some important trends.

First, the researchers found that an increase happened across all states and across all racial and ethnic categories, to one degree or another. The average age increased half a year for moms of Cuban descent, for example, while for non-Hispanic black moms it increased by about two years.