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After UC Irvine grad chooses to die, ‘Death with dignity’ gains traction, but some fear dire consequences
Orange County Register

Deborah Ziegler and Dr. Robert Olvera sat arms linked, she wrapped in a pink shawl – a present left by her daughter before she died – he gazing at his daughter’s photo, taken before her face was marred by cancer-fighting steroids.

Ziegler’s daughter, Brittany Maynard, 29, made headlines in October when she moved from California to Oregon to use that state’s Death with Dignity law. Olvera’s 25-year-old daughter, Emily Rose, did not have that option and died in her Santa Ana home blind, bedridden and struggling to breathe.

Together, Ziegler and Olvera are throwing their support behind Senate Bill 128, California’s End of Life law that will give terminally-ill patients the right to end their lives at the time of their choosing.