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34-year federal employee on missing cancer treatment during shutdown: ‘This is my life’
Fresno Bee

Chris DeLeon feels a financial sting of unpaid furlough familiar to hundreds of thousands of his fellow government employees as the partial federal shutdown stretches into its fourth week. But the stakes are higher for the 53-year-old IRS employee.

His health is at risk. And, perhaps, his survival.

DeLeon, who lives in Clovis, has stage four cancer. It began as kidney cancer in 2016 and soon spread to his pelvis. His left kidney was removed in August, but his pelvic mass was inoperable.He has received drug treatments – first a daily pill, and now intravenous care administered by his oncologist every three weeks through a port in his chest.

He’s due to receive his next IV treatment on Wednesday, but a slowdown in the processing of his routine insurance paperwork could keep him from receiving his medicine.