CHA Shares Thoughts on Exchange Design With Dr. Ross in Focus Group

CHA was invited to participate in a provider focus group with Robert Ross, MD, of the California Benefits Exchange Board. Ross is the newest member of the exchange board and, as part of his information-gathering process, requested CHA’s attendance at the discussion to learn about hospitals’ view of the exchange. Exchange board member Kim Belshé attended most of the meeting as well. CHA shared its hope for the exchange as being a marketplace where a large number of insurers could offer their high-quality, competitively priced products to large numbers of purchasers. CHA also expressed concerns regarding the formation of narrow provider networks in an attempt to drive down costs. CHA believes that broad participation and diversity in provider networks helps promote innovation in care delivery to support the broader goals of health care reform. Further, higher-cost hospitals, such as academic medical centers, public hospitals, and high-acuity and specialized-care hospitals, should not be excluded from networks in an attempt to drive down premium costs. Contact: Anne McLeod, (916) 552-7536,