Media Statement

Filing of Harmful Ballot Measure by SEIU-UHW is an Abuse of California’s Initiative Process
New Ballot Measure Attacking Executive Compensation Violates May 2014 Agreement

Today’s  decision by SEIU-UHW (UHW) to file a harmful ballot measure that will negatively impact the operations of hospitals throughout California is an abuse of the state’s initiative process and violates a May 5, 2014 agreement negotiated between the California Hospital Association (CHA) and UHW. Artificially imposing a cap on compensation will result in a loss of qualified executives and undermine the ability of hospitals to meet the challenges ahead.

Since signing the May 5, 2014 agreement, CHA has worked with UHW to address a myriad of issues facing California’s health care delivery system, most specifically the need to improve access to care for low-income children, seniors and the disabled. These efforts have raised the awareness among state lawmakers, stakeholders and the public about the importance of creating a stable source of funding for the Medi-Cal program, which provides coverage to more than 12 million Californians. While progress is being made, much work remains to be done.

This is the third time UHW has attempted to use the initiative process to further its organizing agenda. As was the case in 2011-12 and 2013-14, the measure filed today does nothing to fix Medi-Cal or increase access to hospital services.

CHA is evaluating appropriate actions to pursue in light of this filing.