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Measles Best Practices Webinar
Originally recorded on May 21, 2019





Measles has recently reemerged and risen to outbreak status in several states, including California. This year, there have been four outbreaks of measles linked to international travel in California, with 44 confirmed cases of measles, to date. The resurgence of this highly contagious disease has resulted in hospitals reevaluating their protocols ― both from the patient care and employee safety perspectives — as the disease can turn up in any county at any time.  

To help clarify questions and provide information, CHA is hosting a members-only webinar, Measles Best Practices, on May 21 from 3:30 to 5 p.m. This webinar will feature representatives from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and address the recent experience of hospitals with measles who can help you understand best practices to protect your employees, patients, and communities.

There is no fee for this CHA members-only webinar; however, registration is required. 

Recommended for: CNOs, Human Resources, Employee Health, Infection Preventionists, Directors of Quality.


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Chelsea Driscoll, is the Acting Chief Policy and Planning, Licensing and Certification Program California Department of Public Health with over 19 years of policy experience in various topics including: public health, social services, and public safety. She oversees Policy and Enforcement Branch, Professional Certification Branch, Research and Evaluation Branch and the Resource and Management Branch. She has previously served in various policy roles within the program over the last nine years.

Dr. Kathleen Harriman, Chief, Vaccine Preventable Disease Epidemiology Section, Center for Infectious Diseases, California Department of Public Health since 2007. Prior to that, she worked for 15 years as an infectious disease epidemiologist at the Minnesota Department of Health, including supervising the statewide infection control program. She has been actively involved in both vaccine use policy and vaccine-preventable disease prevention and control policy at the state and national levels. She has also worked on a number of large vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks, and provides guidance on management of vaccine-preventable disease cases and outbreaks to the 61 local health jurisdictions in California.

Diane Wynn, currently Vice President of Risk Services and Patient Safety at MemorialCare Medical Group. Has extensive operations experience and has recently served as the interim Chief Nursing Officer for one of our campuses. Starting her career as a bedside nurse, Ms. Wynn has worked in risk and patient safety for decades, always advocating to doing what’s best for the patient and family as the right thing to do. She has facilitated multiple projects and process improvements throughout the MemorialCare system.

Gail Blanchard-Saiger is the vice president of Labor and Employment for the California Hospital Association. In this role, she provides leadership for state and federal legislative and regulatory issues related to hospital human resources and labor relations. Ms. Blanchard-Saiger has over more than 15 years of experience as a labor and employment law attorney representing hospitals and health care systems. She is a member of the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration and serves on its Advocacy Committee.  She is a frequent speaker and author on health care workplace law issues. 

BJ Bartleson, is the Vice President, Nursing & Clinical Services for the California Hospital Association. She provides leadership in developing, communicating and implementing CHA policy related to nursing, emergency services, trauma and medication safety. She is recognized statewide and nationally as a nurse leader with more than 30 years of experience as an administrator, educator, researcher, clinician, manager and expert in multiple areas of acute patient care management and nursing practice.