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Legislative Update for Risk Manager and Privacy Officer Webinar

Originally recorded on December 2, 2020



Consent and related health care laws are changing again, and CHA is convening a panel of experts to address what’s new in 2021. This is your opportunity to gain insights and clarify legal gray areas. 

Risk managers and privacy officers often make quick decisions with significant ramifications and must be up-to-speed on the latest requirements. Join us as we examine new laws from a risk manager and privacy officer perspective, and cover new laws that affect: 

  • Scope of practice for nurse practitioners and midwives
  • Public notification requirements
  • Workers’ compensation issues related to COVID-19
  • Health information privacy and medical records
  • Mental health parity
  • PPE stockpiling

Be informed. Be prepared. Join us for this essential webinar that will feature plenty of time for Q&A. 


Faculty will address new laws pertaining to:

  • Health care professionals’ scope of practice
  • Hospital operations
  • Workers’ compensation issues related to COVID-19
  • PPE stockpile requirements, other labor and employment issues
  • Health information privacy
  • Patient rights, health professional licensing


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Gail Blanchard-Saiger
Vice President, Labor and Employment
California Hospital Association

Gail Blanchard-Saiger is vice president of labor and employment for the association. Ms. Blanchard-Saiger provides leadership for state legislative and regulatory issues related to hospital human resources and labor relations.

Jackie Garman
Vice President, Legal Counsel
California Hospital Association

Jackie Garman oversees and coordinates the association’s legal representation on litigation critical to the hospital industry and assists with evaluating the legal impact of legislation and regulations on hospitals. She also assists in developing legislative and regulatory language, coordinates external counsel on litigation involving CHA and interacts with member hospitals on a variety of issues.

Lois Richardson
Vice President, Legal Counsel
California Hospital Association

Lois Richardson has a multifaceted job at CHA. She is responsible for evaluating the legal impact of proposed legislation/regulations on California hospitals and providing legal advice to CHA’s advocacy staff. In addition, she is the author of numerous CHA publications, including the Consent Manual, California Health Information Privacy Manual and California Hospital Survey Manual, and California Hospital Discharge Planning for Homeless Patients. Lois has also served as the executive director for the California Society for Healthcare Attorneys since 2000, providing legal education and networking opportunities for California’s health care attorneys.