Issue Paper

CHA Calls Hospital Leaders to Action
Support CHA's Public Advocacy Program

Hospitals and ER services are the cornerstones of many communities throughout California. Yet despite their importance, hospitals are facing many financial and other issues that are putting vital services at risk.

CHA’s Public Advocacy Program focuses on building awareness and community support for these important issues.

CHA calls on hospital leaders to support our statewide public advocacy effort in two ways.

  1. Proactively meet with stakeholders about the critical issues facing your hospital and other hospitals throughout California. Please use the newly updated Code Blue Public Advocacy Program toolkit (Issue Briefs provided below) to inform internal hospital champions, such as board members, hospital and medical staffs, and volunteers, as well as key external stakeholders such as community leaders, local elected officials, policymakers and media representatives. As we continue to educate internal and external audiences on the issues that impact local community access to quality health care services, we will create a positive coalition of support for hospitals. To date, the Public Advocacy Program has attracted more than 7,500 consumer advocates. Our goal is to increase our advocate base to strengthen our collective voice with legislators and other elected officials on key hospital issues.

To attract more advocates, CHA’s Public Advocacy Program developed a Become an Advocate video that will help consumers understand the issues and importance of advocating for hospitals and ERs. The video features an ER nurse talking about the overcrowding of hospital ERs, the rising number of uninsured who are cannot pay for the care they receive, the underfunding of government programs, and potential cuts to programs for women, children and the disabled — all of which will mean increased costs for everyone.

We encourage hospitals and health systems to place the one-minute video on their websites or cross-link their website to the Public Advocacy Program website at Many hospitals throughout California have already supported the Public Advocacy Program by cross-linking their websites to the website. To achieve our goal of 10,000 consumer advocates, we must have 100 percent participation by all hospitals.

Please join our coalition-building effort by hosting the Become an Advocate video on your hospital website or cross-linking sites by placing the icon on your website. Both the video and icon can be easily downloaded at

CHA’s Public Advocacy Program is dedicated to building an enduring coalition of consumers who will support California hospitals on the issues that continue to jeopardize patient access to care. We need your help and support in this effort.

If you have questions about the program or the attached Code Blue toolkit, or need assistance cross-linking your website to the website, please contact the Public Advocacy Program at (916) 552-7594 or