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VolunteerTalk: Staff/Volunteer Ratios

On September 18, 2017, the CAHHS Volunteer Services Office received the following inquiry from Kathleen J. McIntire, CAVS, Director of Volunteer Services at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, in Los Angeles, California:

Acknowledging that each hospital scenario is different, I was hoping to obtain basic information to determine a staff/volunteer ratio.  Could you please tell me:

  1. ​​​How many staff do you currently have dedicated to volunteer management?
  2. How many volunteers do you/your staff oversee on average?

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Kathleen J. McIntire, CAVS
Director, Volunteer Services 
Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center
(323) 783-8991 – Office
(323) 783-8119 – Assistant


Response Staff/Volunteer Ratios

1. One FT -Director Volunteer Services, 1 FT - Gift Shop Mgr. and 1 PT gift shop clerk 2. Director supervises 1 FT GS Mgr, and 1 PT GSC. They assist to supervises 12 gift shop volunteers. Director supervises an average of 350 volunteers a month. Virginia Rivero Napoles Valley Presbyterian Hospital

Staff/Volunteer ratios

Here at the Norris I am the only staff person.I do have one volunteer who comes in for 4 hours per week who helps with projects (but, other than entering hours, does not work with individual volunteer files at all). On the end-of-month reports on average there are between 110- 115 volunteers on the Roster.

Alvarado Hospital, San Diego

Alvarado Hospital, San Diego California 1) 1 full time staff 2) 316 volunteers - 210 currently active not on LOA

Volunteer Staff Ratio

I manage approx. 600 volunteers and I my position was recently reduced to 32 hours/week.

Volunteer Survey

Question 1 - One FTE Question 2 - 70 What is the timeline for sharing the results? Thank you

Staff/volunteer ratios

1 paid staff member to manage 150 volunteers.

Staff/volunteer ratios

3 employees (2.6 FTE). 1 full-time manager, 1 full-time coordinator and 1 part-time coordinator. Supports average 500 active volunteers. Manager also supervisors staff lobby greeters and we administer the hospital Lost and Found program. No auxiliary or guild.

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