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VolunteerTalk: Pharmacy Volunteers

On July 24, 2015, the CAHHS Volunteer Services Office received the following inquiry from Maria Strmsek, Director of Volunteer Services at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital in Valencia, California:

Our hospital recently hired a new Pharmacy Director who has not worked alongside volunteers in the past.  Our former Pharmacy Director allowed the volunteers to remain in the department as long as they did not work with any medications but made hourly rounds to the units with a “locked” cart delivering non-narcotic medications.  I realize that several hospitals removed volunteers fully from Pharmacies but I would like to hear from those hospitals who still utilize them.

Would you please send me your position descriptions if you have volunteers that still assist in that department?  The manager is worried that his clerks are going to have to leave the department more often if volunteers are removed from the Pharmacy.

Please let me know your status.  I appreciate your support and information in this matter.”

Please contact Maria directly at or click here to post your comments and view responses.        

Maria Strmsek
Director of Volunteer Services
Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, Valencia
(661) 200-1500