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VolunteerTalk: New Volunteer Orientation

On October 2, 2015, the CAHHS Volunteer Services Office received the following inquiry from Stephanie Nelson, Director of Volunteer Services at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center in West Hills, California:

“Hello.  I have a question that I hope that I can get some feedback on. 

We have a new Director of Education and a new VP of Engagement and they both feel that the volunteers should attend the first 4 hours of the 7 hour general staff new hire orientation in place of my new volunteer orientation so that everyone is on the same page. Do any hospitals combine the volunteer and staff orientations and if so are there any issues with labor law that we need to consider? Also, I am concerned that though the new staff orientation might be full of good information, it will not encompass all of the volunteer policies and procedures, causing me to set an additional meeting to explore those topics and it will force all new volunteers to attend an 8:00am to noon meeting that would not accommodate new volunteers who work but are interested in weekend and evening volunteering. At this time, I rotate my orientations between mornings and evenings. Any information that you can share would be greatly appreciate. 

Thank you. ”

Please contact Stephanie directly at or click here to post your comments and view responses.        

Stephanie Nelson
Director of Volunteer Services
West Hills Hospital & Medical Center
(818) 676-4172