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VolunteerTalk: Hospital Volunteer Departmental Goals with Studer Group

On December 7, 2015, the CAHHS Volunteer Services Office received the following inquiry from Virginia Rivero Napoles, Director Volunteer Services at Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys, California:

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I am reaching out to find out if any of you are presently working with the Studer Group. We are in the process of developing the Leadership Evaluation Manager that will measure our individual department goals with appropriate metrics. Each month we will have a report card that will measure our progress.  I have  three (3) measurable goals but need to find two (2) more.  Any of you working on this too?

Goal 1: Finance
Maintain expenses to stay on budget – aligned with operating margins.

Goal 2: Community
Volunteer Hours for Leaders – Increase volunteerism to 16 hours per leader for designated projects – to be aligned with community contributions.

Goal 3: Growth
Increase number of volunteers hours by 2 percent – to be aligned with customer service and productivity. 

Goal 4: Service

Goal 5: Quality
(Need:  In the past, I measured the volunteer arrival time to patient’s room for discharge within 15 minutes for Quality. We reached 95 percent goal.)   

Thank you for any assistance or guidance.  

Virginia Rivero Napoles
Director Volunteer Services
Valley Presbyterian Hospital
Office 818-902-2932
Fax 818-904-3757


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