General Information

Guidelines of Use

To ensure appropriate and professional use of the List Server, CAHHS asks users to follow these guidelines when sending and/or replying to messages:

  1. All topics first must be approved by CAHHS, who has the discretion to disseminate/send the information or queries to the entire List Server or to withhold them if the messages are deemed inappropriate. Users cannot correspond back and forth among each other via the List Server’s e-mail address. (You will need to respond directly to the person requesting information.)
  2. Please submit your question by completing the volunteertalk submission form.  Include a clear and concise subject line, so replies can be easily followed by others in the group.
  3. Identify yourself. The end of each message should include your name, title, organization, phone and e-mail address.
  4. Keep your messages brief.
  5. You will not be able to reply to the whole group, but only the originator of the message. Copy and paste that person’s e-mail address into the “To” line or select the person’s email within the message.
  6. If necessary, include a portion of the message to which you are responding, but do not forward the entire message.
  7. Stick to the topics intended for discussion on the List Server.
  8. Do not solicit or offer to exchange wage, price or market information. This would be a violation of anti-trust law.
  9. Do not use all upper cases when writing. This is considered SHOUTING.
  10. Be careful when using humor in your messages. E-mail messages are easily misinterpreted. A remark that was meant to be funny can come across as rude.
  11. Do not send meaningless messages, such as “I agree” or “thank you,” without additional content.
  12. Rude, disparaging and profane language is unacceptable.
  13. Subscription to this List Server is restricted to those who qualify for participation. However, remember that CAHHS cannot control where messages are forwarded once they are received in a member’s inbox. In addition, the information posted is subject to discovery. Please do not send information that you would not want exposed publicly and do not expect the confidentiality you have when corresponding with your attorney via e-mail.
  14. Even though you respond to someone’s question, the moderator may not forward your response to the entire List Server if a consensus has been reached on the subject or the message is redundant.
  15. Limit the combined size of any attachments to 1 MB (1,000 kb) — larger attachments will bog down and possibly stop the server. As an alternative to sending large attachments, please provide directions in the body of the e-mail to where the document(s) is posted on the website.
  16. Every CAHHS List Server user must follow these guidelines as a condition of participation. Anyone who abuses or misuses the List Server will be denied further access.
  17. If you wish to unsubscribe from this List Server, please contact

Originated: April 2007
Reviewed: April 2015