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VolunteerTalk: On-Boarding Volunteers

On April 26, 2017, the CAHHS Volunteer Services Office received the following inquiry from Sarah Renner, Area Manager, Volunteer Services at St. Joseph Health in Eureka and Redwood Memorial Hospital in Fortuna, California:

Currently if you intend to spend any more than one day in our hospital, you must on-board as a volunteer and we have only one process in place to do so. After the application and background check, a complete physical and shot update takes place at employee health. Then we require attendance at a day long orientation that all employees take.  The orientation includes HIPAA and safety training as well as teaching about the history of the hospital and its mission.

I’m wondering what are the best practices you use in your hospitals to allow observation students, or those students only home over the summer or on breaks, to be able to get the experience in a clinical setting that they want without all of the hoops? I know some standards are not negotiable but want to find the middle ground between compliance and getting these pre-med students in our hospital. Please if you have information you could send I’d be ever so grateful. ​

Many thanks!

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Sarah Renner
Area Manager, Volunteer Services
St. Joseph Hospital, Eureka/Redwood Memorial Hospital, Fortuna


Short Term Episodic Volunteers

While there are limits on some of the areas, we have been able to use a Short Term Application process for volunteers with no more than 30 hours/one project. This has helped with short term assignments for summer or a group of carolers who come through at the holidays. We modeled it after our hospital's existing process for job shadows. I will send you a copy of the application. Roseanna Galindo-Kuhn Enloe Medical Center, Chico

Summer Volunteen Program - Inspire Program

For our student programs there's no gray area to maneuver in. I have to on-board them the same as though their an adult volunteer - Joint Commission and Dignity Health Policy and Procedure apply. I would like to hear if im mission something thought!

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