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Auxiliary Retirement/Termination Policies

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“Our Auxiliary is in the process of reviewing our policies and procedures regarding retirements/terminations, and would like to have information on best practices at other volunteer organizations.

Thank you.”

Linda Heider
Auxiliary President
El Camino Hospital, Mountain View
(650) 940-7214 




Moving around and moving out...

I have had both situations where relocating someone was a better decision than termination but I have also had to forego the courtesy and just cut the cord. In the latter situation I have found that presenting the Volunteer with written statements from coworkers and persons involved (names omitted) regarding incidents at each counseling session that has led up to this action, helps immensely. Its harder to argue with documentation than hearsay When the Volunteer sees a history in themselves (tardiness, absenteeism, complaints from visitors, forgetfulness, rude behavior or many other reasons that could justify termination) they will see that it's not a personal vendetta. I have on a couple of occassions asked either e representative from HR or our Auxiliary President to be present at a counseling or termination session for moral support. (for me and for them)Good luck and feel free to reach out to me anytime!

Auxiliary Retirement/Termination Policies

What a great response submitted by "Visitor" on August 17. One problem...we don't know who you are!! When responding to VolunteerTalk comments, please include your name, title and hospital within the body of your response.

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