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Reading newsletters and news updates from hospital/system volunteer departments,  auxiliaries, leagues or guilds is a great way to stay informed and gather new ideas.  This page is open to all who want to learn about activities of hospital volunteer programs located primarily in California, but also outside the state.  Please make sure to email a PDF copy of your current newsletter or add our email address to your news updates mailing list.  Our email address is .

Volunteer, Area Council and Director Association Newsletters

Adventist Health/Feather River Hospital – Pink Feather
(November/December 2017)

Alvarado Hospital – Volunteer News & Views
(September/October 2014)

Antelope Valley Hospital – Newsy Notes
(June/July 2015)

Barstow Community Hospital Auxiliary – Band-Aid-Banner
(March 2014)

Barton Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, The Barometer
(August 2016)

Central Coast County Council – Chatterbox
(May 3, 2016)

East Bay Council of Hospital Volunteers Newsletter
(January 2013)

El Camino Hospital – Auxiliary News Flash
(January 2014)

Enloe Medical Center – Volunteers 
(September 1, 2017)

Fairchild Medical Center Foundation News
(Fall 2017)

Huntington Memorial Hospital – Prime Time
August 2015

John Muir Medical Center Auxiliary – Muir Missile
(November 2016)

Mercy General Hospital – Guild Happenings
(April 2014)

Mercy Hospitals of Bakersfield – The Shield
(October 2017)

Mercy Medical Center Merced Volunteers, Angels of Mercy
(March 2015)

Mercy San Juan Medical Center Guild – Mercy Angels
(June 2014)

Mission Hospital, Volunteer Auxiliary
(Summer 2017) 

Mount Shasta Area Council 
(March 2017)

Northern San Joaquin Valley Healthcare Area Council – Golden Connections
(September 2017)

Northridge Hospital Medical Center Auxiliary Newsletter 
(November 2017)

Orange County Council of Hospital Volunteers (OCCHV) -
Orange Blossoms
(October 2017) 

Oroville Hospital Auxiliary – Volunteer Voice
(October 2017)

Plumas District Hospital Volunteers
(May 2017)

Riverside Community Hospital Auxiliary – Chit-Chat
(Winter Edition, January 2014)

Sacramento Valley Area Council – The Valley Sampler
(April 2014)

San Diego Association of Directors of Volunteer Services – Legislative Report
(August 2017)

Scripps Health – Volunteer Services Update
(Summer 2016)

Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center
     Auxiliary Volunteer News Communicator (November/December 2017)
     In the Know with Volunteer Services (January 2015)

Sharp Grossmont Hospital – The Volunteer Connection
(March 2013)

Sharp Grossmont Hospital – Volunteer Voice
(June/July/August 2017)

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Hospital Auxiliary – Volunteer Voice
(November 2016)

St. Joseph Hospital – Eureka
(March 2013)

St. Joseph’s Medical Center – Auxiliary News
(Summer 2013)

Southern San Joaquin Valley Area Council – The Satellite
(Fall/Winter Edition 2017)

Sutter Davis Hospital – Auxiliary Newsletter
(January 2013)

Sutter Delta Medical Center – The Pulse of the Auxiliary
(January 2014)

Tahoe Forest Hospital District Auxiliary – The Pulse
(February 2014) 

UCSF Health – Caring Connections
(Summer 2017)

Victor Valley Community Hospital – Roadrunner
(January 2013)

Washington Hospital Service League Newsletter – The Pulse
(August 2017)

Hospital/Health System Newsletters

Adventist Health/Feather River Hospital – Currents
(September 2017)

American Hospital Association – Insights State Volunteer and Auxiliary Leaders
(Summer 2016)

Dignity Health – Mercy & Memorial Hospitals – The Weekly Dose
(August 17, 2015)

Northridge Hospital Medical Center – Insider
(November 6-13, 2013)

Scripps Health – Inside Scripps
(June-July 2013)

St. Joseph’s Medical Center – The Quarterly
(Spring 2014)

State Auxiliary Organizations

Auxiliaries in Action
Auxiliary Association

Association of Healthcare Auxiliaries

Association of Healthcare Volunteers

Association of Healthcare Auxiliaries and Volunteers
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