General Information

ProtectMyER is a public education and advocacy website designed to build understanding and support for issues that negatively impact local community hospitals and ERs.

Visit the ProtectMyER website.

Hospitals are where miracles happen every day.  They operate 24/7 and care for patients and communities when they need them most.  However, hospitals and emergency rooms are under increasing economic and other pressures that put them at risk. Many of the issues facing hospitals may result in more ER overcrowding and service closures.  Protect Myer is a public education program designed to build awareness of issues that impact the delivery of health care services across California.


Through the ProtectMyER campaign, CHA is proactively educating the public, providing a forum for real world stories, and enrolling thousands of advocates in the movement to protect California’s community hospital’s and ERs.

We’re All In This Together!