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Principles of Volunteer Resource Management: Volunteer Services Resources, Strategic Planning and Program Enhancement
Mary McCormack, CAVS, DCVS, President, Information Enterprises, Jacksonville, Florida

Competing for resources? Striving to achieve a higher level of “program credibility”? What’s it going to take? Adapting traditional volunteer programs to what has become a new era in healthcare and a new generation of volunteers is critical to positioning your program for the future. During this workshop, participants will learn and discuss:

  • Volunteer services in a healthcare setting: The Big Picture
  • The expanding role of the DVS and ongoing change management
  • Healthcare industry trends affecting program planning
  • DVS role with advocacy
  • Emergency and disaster preparedness
  • Strategic planning: aligning the volunteer program with your organization’s mission, vision and goals
  • Moving to an integrated program model
  • Outcome measures for volunteer services

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