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Population Health: Exploring New Hospital Volunteer Programs and Collaborations To Serve Patients Living at Home
Roxanne Foster, Director Volunteer Services, John Muir Health, Tammy I. Glenn, Executive Director, Caregivers, Linda Groobin, Program Manager, Caring Hands, John Muir Health, Douglas Myers, President, Volunteers in Action of Central Oregon

As hospitals recognize the need to reach out to their communities to ensure population health, this session spotlights new hospital volunteer community programs and collaborations being explored by California’s hospital volunteer leaders. Attendees will learn from The National Volunteer Caregiving Network (NVCN), an organization that works to bring volunteer caregivers from diverse backgrounds together to care for their homebound neighbors who may be isolated and living with chronic health conditions or disabilities.

Non-medical volunteer assistance enables these individuals to enjoy a better quality of life and maintain their independence longer. Panelists include representatives from the John Muir Health Caring Hands Volunteer Caregivers Program and NVCN Caregivers, who will share their models, materials and systems to connect volunteers to hospital patients living at home.

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