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Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Issues Draft Priorities

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) has released its first draft of national research priorities that includes five research areas: 1) comparative assessments of prevention, diagnosis and treatment options; 2) improving health care systems; 3) communication and dissemination; 4) addressing disparities; and 5) accelerating patient-centered and methodological research. PCORI was created to fund research that will offer clinicians and patients more information to support health care decisions. PCORI’s work focuses on researching comparative clinical effectiveness and studying which prevention, treatment and care options work best. The Draft National Priorities for Research is attached. The deadline to submit comments to PCORI is March 15. Contact: David Perrott, (916) 552-7574,; Alyssa Keefe, (202) 488-4688,