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New Hospital Volunteer Partnerships: Organ Procurement Organizations
Moderator: Charlene Zettel, Chief Executive Officer, Donate Life California, San Diego, California


Kevin Anderson, MD, Heart Transplant Recipient, Lincoln
Tracy Bryan, Director of Public Relations, Sierra Donor Services, Sacramento
Chris, Katie and Luca Salcone, Donate Life Ambassadors, Folsom
Deanna Santana, Donate Life Ambassador and Senior Public Education Coordinator, Sierra Donor Services, Sacramento
Lori Singh, BS, CTBS, Donation Program Consultant, California Transplant Donor Network, Oakland

Donate Life California is the state-authorized organ and tissue donor registry.  Learn how we work with hospitals and organ procurement organizations to save lives through the miracle of organ and tissue donation and transplantation.  Hear from a transplant recipient and a donor mom about how donation and transplantation change lives. 

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