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Moving Volunteer Management into a Virtual Environment
Beth Rose, Director, Hospitality Services/Executive Program Manager, Integrated Wayfinding Project, Loma Linda University Health, Loma Linda, California

What can we all do to move our industry forward?  How can we connect with our volunteers in their various walks of life while managing the day-to-day regulations that are required of a hospital volunteer services department?  Loma Linda University Health (LLUH) has made steps toward doing exactly that.  We have implemented a volunteer management system that improves efficiency through the integration of regulatory requirements such as health information, background check reports, and online training completion dates.  The new system includes a volunteer profile with the ability for volunteers to upload a personal photo, along with imbedded links to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.   

How did LLUH make this happen?  What steps are you taking to accomplish this goal?  This session is focused on sharing the highlights of the LLUH system, along with the steps we took to accomplish our goal.  We want to provide you with strategies focused on improving efficiency, increasing communication, increasing outreach, and improving service to your volunteers.

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