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Mental Health Brochures

A consortium of California mental health providers and advocates has launched a statewide educational drive aimed at informing consumers about their rights and opportunities for mental health care insurance coverage.  The group has produced a series of six easy-to-read brochures aimed at giving consumers a solid understanding of the numerous mental health care coverage benefits that they are entitled to under both state and federal law.

The brochures include:

  • Understanding Your Mental Health Insurance Coverage
  • Mental Health Parity
  • Speak Up for Your Rights
  • Accessing County Mental Health Services
  • Your Right to Timely Access to Mental Health Services
  • Providers: Filing a Complaint Against a Health Plan or Insurer

The brochures are available for free download and distribution.

In addition to CHA, other coalition members responsible for the production of the brochures are the California Association for Marriage & Family Therapists; California Coalition for Mental Health; California Psychiatric Association; California Psychological Association; Mental Health Alliance of California; National Alliance on Mental Illness – California; and National Association of Social Workers, California Chapter.