General Information

Honorary Membership

A person distinguished in the health care field may be nominated as an Honorary member for a specific period of time. (This does not include retiring CEOs who would be nominated for Life Membership.) This award is often given to industry leaders who are retiring or leaving a position in the health care field. Honorary members are exempt from payment of dues during the period of Honorary Membership.


Robert P. David, Director, Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development, Sacramento

Michael Rembis, FACHE, Former Corporate CEO, Avanti Hospitals, El Segundo

Jay M. Gellert, Former CEO, Health Net, Inc., Woodland Hills

Robert J. Margolis, MD, Former CEO, HealthCare Partners, LLC


  • Martin Brotman, MD, Former President/CEO, California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco
  • Edward Palacios, RN, Vice President, Operations, Vibra Healthcare, Fresno

Diana S. Dooley, Secretary, California Health and Human Services Agency

Deloras Jones, RN, former Executive Director, California Institute for Nursing & Health Care


  • Joseph S. Silva, Jr., M.D., Dean, University of California Davis Medical School
  • Mary E. Reres, Director, Kaiser Health Plans and Hospitals, Inc., Malibu
  • Sister June Wilkerson, Former Coordinator/Mission Leadership, Providence Health System, San Fernando Valley Service Area1954 Lucius W. Johnson, M.D.


  • John G. Williams, former COO, Catholic Healthcare West, Greater Bay Area Division


  • Kenneth F. Colling, Senior Vice President, Operations Resource Services for Health Plans/Hospitals, Kaiser Permanente-California Division-South
  • Mark R. Finucane, Director, Los Angeles County Department of Health Services
  • Jack E. Fries, President/CEO, St. Luke’s Hospital, San Francisco

Vic Biswell, Past President and Chief Executive Officer, Association of California Healthcare Districts, Sacramento


  • Jack Davis, Retired, Director of Regional Services, Southern California Region, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Los Angeles
  • William C. Finlayson, Past President and Chief Executive Officer, O’Connor and Saint Louise Hospitals, San Jose and Morgan Hill
  • Hugh Jones, Past Executive Vice President and Regional Manager, Southern California Region, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Los Angeles

Rita Retort, Retired, Vice President, Patient Care, Little Company of Mary Hospital, Torrance


  • Will Bishop, Chief Financial Officer, Community Hospitals of the Monterey Peninsula, Monterey
  • Harvey D. Kern, Retired, Director of Public Affairs, Los Angeles/USC Medical Center, Los Angeles
  • David Pockell, Past Executive Vice President and Regional Manager, Northern California Region, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Oakland
  • William H. Swanson, M.D., Past Medical Director, County of Los Angeles Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles
  • Betty J. Warner, Past Senior Vice President, Membership Services, California Hospital Association


  • Sister Mary Jo Anderson, Vice President, Community Relations, Mercy Healthcare San Diego, San Diego
  • Ronald C. Harm, Retired, Director of Accreditation and Regulation, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Oakland


  • Robert E. Fredricks, M.D., Retired, Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs, St. John’s Hospital and Health Center, Santa Monica
  • Sister Jane Frances Power, CSJ, Director, Department of Health Affairs, Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Los Angeles

Arthur Simmons, Chief Executive Officer, El Centro Regional Medical Center, El Centro (Posthumous Award)

Thomas R. Paton, President and Chief Executive Officer, Blue Shield of California, San Francisco

Stephen A. Bowles, Past President, Nu-Med Hospitals, Inc., Encino

Dewey Baggett, Retired, President, Hospital Council of San Diego and Imperial Counties, San Diego

Bernard L. Rhodes, M.D., Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Oakland


  • Uranus J. Appel, American Medical International, Inc., Los Angeles
  • Avram Yedidia, Organization of Health Care Services, Oakland
  • Fred J. Hiestand, Esq., Attorney at Law, Sacramento


  • Robert J. Thomas, Executive Vice President, Blue Cross of California, Los Angeles
  • Jack J. Fulton, Mills-Fulton Consultants, Los Angeles

George C. Lucia, President, Blue Cross of Northern California, Oakland

James W. McFarlane, Western Regional Coordinator, American College of Hospital Administrators


  • Lawrence T. Cooper, Chairman, Board of Trustees, California Hospital Medical Center, Los Angeles
  • Avery M. Millard, Regional Director, American Hospital Association, Former Executive Director, California Hospital Association, Sacramento

John B. Brewer, President, Hospital Council of Southern California, Los Angeles

James Brown, Senior Vice President, Blue Cross of Southern California

Robert S. Hawthorne, Blue Cross of Northern California


  • Keith O. Taylor, Director of Program in Hospital Administration, UC Berkeley
  • Louis F. Saylor, M.D., Director of State Department of Public Health


  • Edward B. Eckdahl
  • Mrs. T. Roy Hoover
  • James C. Doyle, M.D.

V.K. Meedom


  • Wilber Krell
  • Arthur J. Will
  • Ben H. Read
  • R.D. Brisbane


  • Manny Weisburger
  • Louis Lundberg